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PURFLUX GROUP has released the fully updated 2020 catalogue - for light vehicles - in 10 languages available in the printed and the online versions.

Stand out New to range items include: the fuel filter of PSA 1.5 BlueHDi, Fiat Multijet Engine; the oil filter of Mercedes A Class 2018, BMW X2, Peugeot 508 II, PSA 1.5 BlueHDi, Alpine A110 II; the engine air filter of Fiat 500X, Ford Mondeo V, Opel / Vauxhall Combo D, VW 1.0TFSI; and the cabin air filter of Opel Astra K / Vauxhall, Audi A4 2018, Porsche 911 2017, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai i30 III 2017, and the Toyota Yaris III 2018.
PURFLUX GROUP strives to make all filters available for the independent aftermarket a few months after the vehicle release.

With this last range extension, the car parc coverage has increased by almost 12 Million cars in Europe, positioning PURFLUX GROUP as the number 1 IAM supplier for car parc coverage in oil filter module (96%* coverage) and diesel filter module (96%* coverage); with a strong car parc coverage in engine air filter (93%*) and cabin air filter family (93,7%*).
PURFLUX GROUP also boasts the 1st oil filter module and the 2nd fuel filter module as OE supplier in Europe.  (*data: Jan 2018).

The book which contains more than 70 new pages covers all the filters families for Passenger Cars and Light Vans, including the new Cabin3Tech+ range - that stops up to 98.8% of fine particles - providing a new choice in addition to the Pollen and the Activated Carbon filters. A useful summary page at the beginning enables the reader to make a quick and easy informed product selection from the range, saving time and effort.

The catalogue is also available online: on the app or the website.