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PURFLUX GROUP is the supplier of the complete filter range of the Peugeot 3008 – Auto Trader’s winner of the “2019 New Car of the Year” award.

The Auto Trader New Car Awards are decided by more than 60.000 car owners in Britain. Category winners represent the true consumer champions of the new car market, based on the honest opinions of those who have bought, driven and lived with their new vehicles.

Purflux includes in its catalogue the filter range - engine air, oil, carburant and cabin air filters - of the Peugeot 3008 that are available now - like the version 3008 I 1.6 BlueHDi - with the following references: engine air A1792, oil L1044, diesel C533A and cabin air filters AH261-2 / AHC261-2 / AHA261-2.

In the Independent Aftermarket (IAM), PURFLUX GROUP is one of Europe’s leading vehicle filter suppliers addressing the needs of its partners thanks to its OE-DNA across oil, engine air, carburant and cabin air filters offering:

  • all makes coverage for all major European, American and Asian carmakers,
  • a strong brand portfolio with a solid market reputation,
  • logistic network serving IAM customers across all European countries with best in class service rate.

In 2019 PURFLUX GROUP UK launched a dynamic set of strategies that are in tune with the needs of the modern factor and their ever evolving customer base. This includes highlights of our OE successes, high impact training and new brand merchandise that give real focus to our already prominent brands.

More details on the award
The Auto Trader 2019 Best New Cars were chosen on a wide-ranging set of criteria, including interior comfort and materials, build quality, available features and ride quality. Each vehicle was agreed upon unanimously by the entire editorial and data team at Auto Trader. To be considered, a vehicle must be of the current or next model-year and available for purchase at the time of the awards announcement. The vehicles were also judged on available technology and a rewarding or dynamic driving experience.