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• The Purflux range of filters for automatic gearboxes consists of 36 references at launch and will be expanded in 2024.
• A new offering to simplify mechanics’ day-to-day operations and meet all their filtration needs.
• E-training, technical support and partnership with French online tutorial provider Ma Clé de 12: Purflux supports professionals and individuals.

With the launch of Purflux filters specifically for automatic transmissions, PURFLUX GROUP reaffirms its innovative strength, manufacturing capabilities, and adaptability to a rapidly changing automotive market.

Servicing automatic gearboxes is essential to maintain performance and, above all, durability. That is why, aside from specific manufacturer recommendations, Purflux recommends an oil change every five years or 60,000 km. Such maintenance is often overlooked due to drivers’ ignorance or negligence.

However, the growing appeal of this type of transmission, which offers ever more efficiency and convenience, combined with the evolution of electric and hybrid vehicles, means that more than one in two new French vehicles is now equipped with one. By 2030, 85% of cars on the road are expected to have one* . Therefore, this maintenance operation is to become a real business development driver for mechanics.

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A world leader in filtration solutions and a major partner of OE manufacturers, Purflux is further expanding its offer with 36 filters for automatic transmissions. This range is already expected to increase to a total of 86 products in 2024, enough to cater for the vast majority of the automatic transmission fleet, the filtration system for this type of transmission still being very standardised.

By expanding its current offer, Purflux confirms its position as a filtration expert, thus meeting all the needs of mechanics: air, fuel, oil, interiors and now transmission. The complete Purflux range provides a unique solution for its customers and avoids doubling up on suppliers, making it easier to take orders and store and identify products. Each product family is colour-coded, and with the arrival of the BVA filters, black is the colour that will appear on shelves.

Purflux offers two very different types of kit depending on the technical characteristics of the gearbox and vehicle use. The BASIC kit consists of a filter and a seal, whereas the EXPERT kit adds the extra components required according to the transmission model, such as screws or a transmission housing seal. In both cases, the kit comes without oil.

E-training, technical support and partnership with Ma Clé de 12: PURFLUX GROUP cares for your repairs

Keen to support mechanics in the use of its products, PURFLUX GROUP has provided an e-training platform for them dedicated to all areas of filtration, including automatic gearbox filters. Available in seven languages, it delivers fun and educational short-form training developed by R&D engineers and PURFLUX GROUP Product Managers and is available at Intermediate or Expert level.

In addition, Purflux will see its range of filters for automatic gearboxes showcased on the YouTube tutorial channel Ma Clé de 12. With no less than 1,750 videos and 165,000 subscribers, Ma Clé de 12 provides Internet users with tutorials teaching them how to maintain their car, model by model and component by component. This will be the opportunity to address the topic of automatic transmission maintenance.

"This range of filters for automatic gearboxes is a natural evolution of the Purflux offer," says Pierre-Henri Tinet, IAM Filtration Marketing Director at PURFLUX GROUP. "It is also an opportunity to reaffirm the brand's ability to innovate and adapt to market changes, from the launch of the iconic "chevron-pleated” filter in 1956 to the CabinHepa+ cabin filter, 50 times more protective** than a traditional cabin filter and voted Product of the Year in 2022. We know that motorists’ needs evolve at the same time as the manufacturers’ technology. Purflux can, therefore, rely on the industrial capability of PURFLUX GROUP, which has two filter manufacturing sites in France, in Marcillac in Aveyron and Vire in Normandy. This is why our R&D department, operating primarily in Vire, worked on developing this new range of filters for automatic gearboxes.”


*Source: Plateforme Automobile (PFA)

**according to the IEST-RP-CC007.1 test