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PURFLUX GROUP wins the Gold Trophy of Equip Auto International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation in the Original Equipment Category.

PURFLUX GROUP, a constant pioneer in research and development has realized - in collaboration with PSA Group and Solvay Technyl® - a plastic fuel filter made of fully recycled polyamide 6.6, demonstrating that circular economy is possible in the automotive industry.

The product has been recognized by the jury of the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation as the best innovation in its category.

PURFLUX GROUP has used a new plastic compound 100% recycled from airbag waste, through its existing plastic injection process and has successfully tested the parts on extensive bench validation tests, confirming that this material is fully compatible with standard injection process.

The automotive manufacturer has driven the choice of the tested parts (DV engine 1.6l Euro6b application), homologated the material grade and evaluated the whole validation process. A Life Cycle Analysis was also conducted, demonstrating the benefits: reduction of 483 tons of CO2 emissions per year, representing a saving of 32% compared to traditional filter.

It has been therefore demonstrated that circular economy and substantial benefits for the environment could be introduced up to serious and demanding applications, required by latest generation engines.

PURFLUX GROUP is evaluating to extend the use of the recycled plastics to its aftermarket product ranges and is willing to work closely with all the car makers to develop this solution for the future filters.

Prize Information
Equip Auto has placed innovation at the forefront of its priorities with the organization of the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation.
As a valuable asset to help boost brand awareness and trigger new business, the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation pay tribute to the emerging technologies in aftersales. Acknowledged as a prestigious accolade in many countries, they reflect an international dynamic around the know-how, skills and innovations of firms.
Awarded by a judging panel comprising close to 50 journalists from 15 countries, the Awards are open to all EQUIP AUTO exhibitors, in all business sectors represented at the show, from design through to maintenance, and for all vehicles.