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Sogefi is excited to announce that refreshed, more customer friendly and more informative IAM brand website has been launched.

The updated sites include layout and structure changes:

  • online catalogue, fitting instructions and product information center sections are now top of page for quick accessibility
  • quick Number Finder: a search bar has been added to the online catalogue in order to find products the easiest way; inside the fitting instruction section you can find documents ready to be downloaded and by clicking on the Product Information Center (PIC) you get straight to the last 3 months filters released
  • the product and service page now includes all relevant information related to our products PIC and New Product - Product Information Bulletin (PIB)

We’ve also added key video content for professionals:

  • new videos for mechanics, detailing fitting process for specific products (when operation requires dedicated technique or tooling) – available in the French and English version
  • enriched Product Information, with videos detailing the performances of Diesel3TechTM and Diesel3Tech+TM, as well as Chevron pleat advantages.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and always be informed, up to date and in line with our references. These are small but impactful changes, all designed to make your experience of the web sites that much better.

Sogefi is a global leader in automotive original equipment and aftermarket components. In the Independent Aftermarket, is one of Europe’s leading vehicle filter suppliers, providing the same high level quality features of the OE/OES products.

Stay tuned with us though the website.