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Bentley has selected Sogefi to supply the oil filter element for the W12-cylinder 6l engine mounted in the luxury performance new Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV.

This highlights Sogefi’s superior know-how in filtration and its ability to develop and produce robust, high performance filter modules and elements. Sogefi already supplies to 8 of the 10 best selling cars in Europe and also equips the highest segment of luxury models.

One key characteristic of this engine is the variable displacement feature that enables one half of the Bentayga’s cutting-edge W12 engine to shut down, enabling better fuel economy and therefore minimizing CO2 emissions – this also helps to reduce wasted energy in cruising conditions.

Thanks to the support of Sogefi’s proprietary software capable of evaluating the filters performance and life-time in real life conditions, Sogefi has been able to support Bentley in all aspects of development, especially with expert filter sizing and design, achieving first class engine protection.

This particular filter element and its cover, have a very compact design enabling it to fit in very complex surroundings whilst maintaining performance as well as good accessibility for ease of servicing.

By using the latest OE technologies, Purflux offers its aftermarket customers the highest performance filters. Purflux L1039A filter is now available in the aftermarket.

Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche also trust Sogefi for the high performance filtration of their "top models".