Transmission filters

transmission filter expert kitThe transmission plays a vital role in the operation of the vehicle: it transmits power from the engine to the wheels and allows the vehicle to move.

The transmission filter (also known as the "strainer" or "hydraulic filter") for a gearbox is a filtration element provided in a car transmission system. 
Its role is to preserve the oil by retaining particles and impurities that may be circulating in the system.

There are 2 types of kit depending on the application : 

  • Le filtre « pression » : il protège et nettoie le circuit indépendant des actionneurs hydrauliques. 
  • Le filtre d’aspiration / à succion : il protège et nettoie le circuit de lubrification des engrenages de boîte et autres composants mécaniques (pompe ou bague de transmission…).

Purflux recommends replacing your transmission filter on average every 60,000 km or at least every 5 years*. Cette opération permet de :

  • Keeeping filtration efficiency preventing breakdowns
  • Extending the gearbox life
  • Improving your car performance

This new range covering the main applications on the European market.

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*Please refer to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

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