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A high performance Sogefi diesel filter is the essential product for the impending winter period, which demands special attention for the replacement of diesel filters. With this advanced product range, Sogefi, the leading European filter manufacturer, is responding to the ever increasing demand of the diesel market.

With their complete diesel filter product range, Sogefi exceeds the special requirement of the expected winter period service. And when temperatures are about to fall below 0 degree, it is essential that diesel fuel filter checks are carried out on time. Diesel filtration components can be very sensitive to extreme temperatures in minus degrees. Inadequate maintenance can lead to the water freezing and the blocking of the natural flow of fuel to the point where the engine falters; this could therefore cause serious damage.

Andrea Taschini, General Manager of the Sogefi Aftermarket Division, comments: “Sogefi’s diesel fuel filters are state-of-the-art with a technological edge. The Sogefi Aftermarket brands are highlighting our commitment to supplying customers with OE quality replacement filters, which exceed market demands. Only an OE quality, highly efficient fuel filter will remove all dirt, rust, scale and water that has entered the fuel from service station storage tanks or corroded fuel system components. Especially during the winter months, it is crucial to check the diesel filter to make sure that it is in a perfect condition.”

Apart from the demanding winter service period, the advanced Sogefi diesel filters meet the requirement of an ever increasing market. The independent aftermarket segment is now able to offer customers continued OE-equivalent filter replacement, at a time when diesel cars represent a 32% share of the European car parc, a figure that is constantly increasing. As a result, in 2013, Sogefi estimates that it holds more than 30% share of the independent aftermarket for diesel filters, covering over 98% of the distributor’s daily requirements.

As diesel engines became more sophisticated, they also grew more demanding in terms of the system equipment set up as well as maintenance. Filtration components in particular became even more vital to diesel engines. For example, with an injection pressure ten times higher than former conventional diesel engines featuring a combustion pre-chamber, the new diesel engines became very sensitive to fuel contamination. Any dirt particle could irreparably affect the system, from the pump through to the injector. In addition, any water presence could influence the lubrication of the whole system, causing serious damage.

In response to these demands, filters for diesel engines have now reached outstanding performance levels that effectively support contemporary diesel engines. Actually, Sogefi’s diesel fuel filters are capable of separating 95% of particles above 5μm. Additionally, they feature electronic fuel heaters and a water level sensor that detects any water presence in the fuel. Common Rail injection systems are therefore fully protected by advanced filtration technologies that last all year long.