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Guyancourt, October 4, 2013 – Sogefi Group, Europe’s leading OE and aftermarket filter manufacturer has announced, the release of its updated Purflux catalogue. The publication contains the latest filter products, and confirms Sogefi´s leadership in introducing new parts for recently launched car models.

The 2014 Purflux catalogue features a total of 118 new parts, corresponding to the latest vehicles that have come onto the market in the past year. These include the Volkswagen Golf VII, the Mercedes CLA (C117), the Opel Adam, the Renault Clio IV and Captur and the just-released Peugeot 308 II. The presence of these recent products confirms Sogefi’s leadership in reacting swiftly to new car market entries.

Every new filter has been clearly identified and can be searched easily by vehicle manufacturer and filter type thanks to the efficient lay-out concept. Despite the many new entries, however, this year’s edition has 502 pages - making it only slightly larger than last year’s catalogue. This was achieved by moving older vehicle models from the paper catalogue to the online version.

For Andrea Taschini, General Manager of Sogefi Aftermarket business unit, the catalogue is more than just a comprehensive listing of Purflux products. “It means that we are the leader in product introductions in general and particularly for new vehicles," he said. "We intend to continue our efforts to maintain our leadership position." The key to this strategy is giving distributors and garages quick and efficient access to the latest original Sogefi filtration technology with expertly designed reference tools.

The new Purflux catalogue is available to Sogefi customers on request and in the usual variety of formats, such as paper and CD. It can also be downloaded from the Purflux website, www.purflux.com and TecDoc. For more information about Sogefi’s aftermarket filter brands and other catalogues published by the company, please visit www.sogefigroup.com.